Find Authentic On The Amazon Echo Dot

Bridging the Digital and Physical Worlds With a Memorable Holiday Client Gift

The client holiday gift has become an annual tradition for most agencies and consultants, as a way of saying Thank You and showing how much we appreciate them. But how many clients actually like the gift they receive? How many use it once and forget about it? This year, we challenged ourselves to up the ante with our gift.



The Challenge.

Create a memorable client gift that wouldn’t be thrown in the trash or handed off to the kids. It also needed to reflect our talents as a digital agency and how innovative we can be.



The Solution.

We gave each of our clients the new Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Dot, and with it, a Skill that we built to deliver a new digital marketing tip every day. It’s like each one came with a tiny Digital Strategist that lived inside. After carefully designing the skill with a natural voice interface, our clients can ask Alexa for the tip-of-the-day and she will respond with a current digital marketing insight that’s relevant to their business. The Echo Dot with our custom Skill helped us bridge the physical and digital worlds, demonstrate our value to our clients, and give them a gift that keeps on giving (and reminding them of us).



And, to top off an exciting holiday season, imagine our excitement when our holiday gift was included in AdWeek’s round-up of the coolest, funniest and silliest agency holiday cards of 2016.