AuthX Acquires Award-Winning Agency Create Digital

AuthX Acquires Award-Winning Agency Create Digital

Tucker Andrews


AuthX, a digital technology company announces the acquisition of Create Digital, an award-winning, nationally recognized creative and strategic digital marketing agency. Together, the two firms combine to provide a well-rounded suite of advanced services for strategy, technology, software, analytics and creative for national and global digital marketing clients.

David Roe, CEO of AuthX, explains the decision to acquire Create Digital: “Our goal is to become the de facto leader in advising and implementing revenue growth strategies by delivering highly effective digital marketing solutions. Create Digital’s capabilities allow us to further demonstrate our deep understanding of customers’ needs. Their success in driving strategies and creative initiatives for clients like Capital One, Verizon, Showtime, Barclays and Condé Nast, along with our recent work together, has made it clear that joining forces helps all of our clients. This partnership enables us to take a strong message to the marketplace that emphasizes how important it is for large enterprises to work with a company that understands strategy, technology, analytics and creative in order to achieve meaningful returns on their digital investments.”

Kendall Morris, CEO of Create Digital, shares her optimism and excitement about the acquisition saying, “As soon as we began to work together it was obvious that AuthX is committed to a vision similar to our own. We both recognize that a true digital marketing experience requires acute technological understanding, strategic alignment, engaging content, and insightful analytics. We couldn’t be more pleased to focus together on bringing this message to the marketplace.”

With the acquisition, Create Digital executives will maintain their leadership roles and employees will relocate to the AuthX headquarters in the Manchester neighborhood of downtown Richmond, an area quickly becoming known as the “Digital River” due to the preponderance of Marketing Technology and Digital Agency firms relocating there and elsewhere along the James River.

For more information, contact AuthX Partner JM Guthrie, at 866-682-6144.

About AuthX

AuthX is a digital technology company with a unique perspective on online marketing, and the digital solutions that power it. With a focus on modern business and technical strategies, we have proven success in supporting Fortune 1000 companies. This success is due, in part, to a strategy we call “Global Brand. Local Marketing.™” which spans a variety of expertise including customer experience management (CXM), test-driven optimization, personalization and content management, and deployment of those services over one global system. By partnering with industry-leading CXM technologies, we are able to offer clients a tailored strategy to communicate intimately across channels through the enablement of platforms. To assist clients in overcoming the challenges presented by an ever-changing digital landscape, AuthX provides Enterprise Architecture and Strategy, Implementation Services, Optimization Services, and Cloud-Based Managed Services. We took on the name AuthX because our corporate philosophy promotes bringing “authenticity” to each engagement with clients, partners, employees and the industry.