Authentic is our new name. And still our core philosophy.

Authentic is our new name. And still our core philosophy.

David Roe

AuthX is now called Authentic. This new name better reflects our expanded capabilities and adds to the foundation we’ve been building on.

We originally named our company “AuthX” – short for “authentic experience” – because it represented our vision for digital marketing. To us, that vision was (and still is) about enabling our clients to more effectively highlight the unique value of their products or services to the right people in the channels best suited for them. We know digital can help our clients win through differentiation of both message and delivery.

We also know that for large organizations, marketing your differences can be tough. There is always someone there to say “follow the crowd.” Always someone wanting to do it the way it’s “always been done,” or make a brand everything to everyone. But while there’s risk in any new idea, shouldn’t technology and agency partners make it easier? What if they allowed you to do more in less time? Would you be more creative if there was less risk? We’ve thought so from the beginning because we know how digital can be used to create a personalized, constantly evolving marketing approach that garners measurable success. Goodbye heavy-handed, all-or-nothing “spray and pray” approaches. Hello authentic experiences.

Some quick background.

AuthX has been singularly focused on this vision since our start. Up until recently we modeled our company as a “technology agency,” concentrating on the implementation and practices needed to operationalize the outputs from a traditional creative agency. Unfortunately for us this left a huge hole in what we were offering. Technology is only half of the promise, and so we were only able to provide half of the solution. Without being able to fully integrate a digital agency into our engagement model, we were never seeing the complete vision realized.

That’s precisely why AuthX acquired Create Digital this past September. They are an award-winning, nationally recognized digital agency working with some of the top brands across the country. Founded with a focus on social media marketing, they quickly branched into all things digital and built an eight-year resume full of innovative thinking and client wins.

By integrating a digital marketing agency with a proven record of success into our vision, we are able to become that unicorn of client services: A true full-service digital agency. One with actual multi-disciplinary focus on both the technology of marketing as well as the actual marketing.

We are authentic.

Just as the Create Digital merger was becoming final, we had a great “take your own advice” moment. Some of our new team members pointed out that, while AuthX’s offering and vision was great, the name was not. AuthX sounds too “technology-first,” and while that’s a key element of our DNA, our differentiated offering is the capability to help our customers show off what’s special about them – what makes them different. That means strategy, creative, user experience, production, AND technology.

“Authentic” cuts to the chase and immediately brings you to what our offering is. You already know what it means. And in one word it says, “this is what we’re about and how we’re going to approach our work.” We want our customers to talk about what makes them special. It only makes sense for us to do the same.

So let’s all be authentic.