Bullish on the Future of BloomReach with the Addition of Hippo

Bullish on the Future of BloomReach with the Addition of Hippo

JM Guthrie

The last several weeks have been pretty crazy at both AuthX, errr I mean Authentic, and at Hippo, or should I say, at BloomReach. Between the rebranding of our agency, and the announcement that BloomReach had acquired our strategic partner, there has certainly been a lot of exciting change happening. Fortunately, the excitement doesn’t stop with the press releases and announcements; the future of our firm, and that of our go-to technology partner, centers on the #DX vision that BloomReach is driving toward.

Prior to the announcement, we, at Authentic, had heard of BloomReach, but didn’t know much about their products or offerings. From our limited exposure to their brand, we knew they offered a commerce platform, but thought that it carried little relevance to non-ecommerce websites, like those that the majority of our clients engage us to work on. We couldn’t have been any more wrong.

While listening to the opening keynote at Hippo.Connect in Amsterdam, by BloomReach CEO Raj De Datta, I was immediately struck by just how complementary the BloomReach solution is with Hippo CMS, and the principles on which it is built. In truth, the BloomReach vision is to create the first “open and intelligent digital experience platform,” consisting of core cloud-based solutions that drive content and commerce. In concert, the platform also strives to collect and obtain a granular understanding of visitor motivations through the delivery tier (or experience layer, as Mr. De Datta classified it). Already an element of the top 20% of ecommerce websites in the world, BloomReach clearly represents a valuable and impactful component of commerce engines, but had not addressed the content side of the digital experience. As a dynamic publishing engine that boasts leading personalization and experience management capabilities, Hippo CMS was a perfect tool to fill this void. Together, the organization now has two industry leading solutions that address both the content and commerce experience of global web properties, with both possessing the open architectures to support a powerful and seamless integration.

Through the integration of these two powerful, innovative and disruptive technologies, BloomReach will possess the most comprehensive digital experience platform on the market. Collectively, the resulting platform will provide organizations with the ability to dynamically publish personalized content to individual users through rule-based triggers, as well as machine learning. The beauty of this design is that the combined tools can sit at the core of the marketing engine (marketing automation, campaigns, etc.), and drive traffic to the backend system that then captures the transaction (ERP, CRM, ecommerce platform, etc.). This presents a significant deviation from other leading organizations—like Adobe’s “all-in” Marketing Cloud approach—as it encourages using open-architecture and best-of-breed tools to complete the technology stack.

That core strategic difference is the primary reason I find myself so bullish on the future of Hippo, as a part of BloomReach. Not only does it allow the company to focus on consistently delivering the best experience platform on the market, but it also empowers customers to choose the right solution(s) for their specific and unique business needs. I am equally excited at the manner in which this strategy aligns with our vision at Authentic, for the future of digital marketing and how it pushes the boundaries of today’s technology. I’m hopeful that Authentic will be engaged as part of these selection processes with both new and existing clients, and am eager to help more companies use this new platform to reinvent their technical offering, as well as bring marketing and commerce ambitions to life.

Hippo is now BloomReach Experience. For more information on the acquisition of Hippo, check out BloomReach's blog.