Get Your Digital Marketing Tip of the Day through Alexa Skills

Find Authentic on the Amazon Echo Dot


This holiday season we’re giving our clients the new Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo Dot and with it, a new marketing tip every day. If you’re not familiar with the Echo Dot, it’s the hands-free, voice-activated device from Amazon. The Echo comes with built-in capabilities called skills. Similar to apps you would install on your phone, skills allow you to ask Alexa to do things like play music, search for info online and control smart home devices. Just say the words “Hey Alexa” and the Echo does your bidding.

But these Echo Dots are special. Each one comes with a tiny Strategist that lives inside. Not really, but sort of. Each Echo can access the Authentic skill that delivers digital marketing tips every day. Ask Alexa for the tip-of-the-day and she will respond with a current digital marketing insight that’s relevant to your business. Like why the best CMS for your business isn't always the biggest, most expensive. Or, how to send the right emails to the right people at the right time. Or why content is king but distribution is queen.

We’re sharing these tips to keep you informed of the ever-changing digital landscape and the new opportunities that come with it. But it’s also a chance for us to demonstrate the true potential of Echo. In addition to all its built-in skills, Echo is able to learn new customizable skills using a template from the Alexa developer portal. Using this template, we created our tip-of-the-day skill that we edit and update using our iteration of Hippo CMS. Which means we can create customizable new skills for the Echo that stay fresh and up to date.

Likewise, we can help you create customizable skills that let you interact with your customers daily. Skills that remind your customers of important dates and holidays aligned with your business, and even to remind your customers when it’s time to reorder the goods or services you provide. Consumers will use Echo by asking Alexa questions. So whether they’re looking for help making chicken and rice, or unclogging a drain, or finding a movie, we can help your business create a customized skill that makes you part of the answer. Plus, you’ll be able to reach your consumers in the moment, at the exact time when they need you and showing intent.

The Amazon Echo is a device with still untapped potential. And as with all new technology, Authentic is committed to mastering the medium and helping our clients use it to extend their reach. The future is full of new opportunity. But don’t take our word for it. Ask Alexa.