The Meteoric Rise of Hippo CMS

The Meteoric Rise of Hippo CMS

David Roe

In the two years since we tipped Hippo DX to disrupt the market, Hippo has gravitated away from the fringes of the industry towards the center of the CMS world.

Following BloomReach’s acquisition, the newly named Hippo DX has had its ongoing journey recognized by the latest Forrester Wave report, which bumps Hippo DX up to the “Strong Performer” category.

Here’s why that’s a big deal:

Forrester’s Newest Strong Performer

In late 2014, as far as the world’s leading software analysts were concerned, Hippo was not among the leaders of the pack.

It was nowhere to be seen on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and had it never been mentioned in a Forrester Wave report.

A year later, Hippo made its debut in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant as a “Niche Player”. The journey continued with the very next Gartner report, as Hippo advanced to the ‘Visionaire’ quadrant (and we can only speculate that Hippo DX would have been seen more favorably if the Gartner Magic Quadrant had come out after the acquisition by Bloomreach).

Now, with the latest Forrester Wave report mentioning Hippo as a “Strong Performer”, it’s time to re-evaluate the reasons behind why Hippo continues to thrive.

Hippo DX: Uniting CMS and MarTech.

As the world’s leading implementer of Hippo DX, we have witnessed a change in mentality materializing among global brands. Their primary concern when considering a CMS is no longer their IT considerations — it’s how well the platform can aid their marketing efforts.

Today, an enterprise-grade CMS is expected to empower marketers with the ability to get to market faster, easier, and without the need to draft in their IT department at every turn.

This evident trend has forced the gap between CMS and MarTech platforms to disappear, to the point where the two are now overlapping.

Hippo, though, has been the CMS to embrace this paradigm shift with the most zeal. It doesn’t just give users the ability to manage pages across multiple channels, it also provides powerful personalization features that help tailor those pages for the people surfing them — not just the devices displaying them. All of this is embodied in the newly (and aptly) named Hippo DX platform.

Although most top-level CMS vendors have started to heed this market call, industry giants like Adobe and Sitecore remain extremely expensive and relatively complex due to the sheer amount of features on offer.

Those same features impress customers during the trial period, but fail to deliver in the long run when it comes to day-to-day value and practicality. Coincidentally, this issue of feature bloating is precisely what organizations are trying to avoid when selecting a CMS, especially after they consider the various challenges that lie ahead for all serious marketing practitioners.

How Hippo Is Leading The Way

When it first debuted in the Gartner and Forrester scene, Hippo was the only provider from amongst the group to offer an open source Java platform. When you consider the market’s preference for open source software, you can’t help but highlight Hippo’s open source nature as one of its key strengths.

And yet, Hippo has plenty more tricks up its digital sleeve.

In terms of Hippo’s technical capabilities, the emergence of Hippo 11 has put the platform on the map like never before. As well as building upon Hippo 10’s Content Performance Platform — which empowered marketers with enhanced levels of data and context — Hippo 11 introduced a new channel manager, with a slew of improvements.

It’s also important to point out that Hippo actively resists the practise of feature bloating, choosing instead to deliver value through the features marketers need on a daily basis. Yet, it leaves the door open to expanded functionality by playing nice with other enterprise software tools out of the box, allowing for seamless integrations.

Compared to the likes of Adobe and Sitecore, Hippo also delivers better cost effectiveness across the board. It’s extremely well priced, costs less to customize, and it’s faster to implement — leading to a quicker time to market.

However, Hippo DX isn't good because it's inexpensive — it's good because you aren't paying in time or dollars for features you aren't going to use.

Hippo DX is essentially an enterprise class CMS that has been streamlined, making it faster to work with. And yet, it hasn’t sacrificed the critical capabilities that marketers need. This means that marketers can do more in less time, resulting in more room for creativity — which translates into bigger payoffs when effective.

By focusing on the actual needs of the marketer, Hippo has produced a streamlined product. It is disruptive because organizations are able to realize the value in their investment very quickly; while the likes of Adobe and Sitecore require considerably more money for noticeably slower results.  

Combined, these different dimensions of Hippo make it the darling of the contemporary CMS world, as it’s ticking all the right boxes.

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Hippo is now BloomReach Experience. Learn more about the acquisition here.