Low Risk, High Reward: Reasons to Believe in Authentic Video Content

Low Risk, High Reward: Reasons to Believe in Authentic Video Content

Jessie Kantor

The year was 1913 when Thomas Edison shared what might have been the very first thought leadership perspective on video marketing: “It is possible to teach every branch of human knowledge through the motion picture.”

Possible is the key word here, but it’s not 1913 anymore. And, the lingering myth that video content is inaccessible—requiring big budgets, big studios, and bigger lead times—no longer holds any truth.

With the proper tools and talent, it’s now possible to craft and promote a short video in a matter of days instead of months, which means faster turnaround than many traditional mediums and greater rewards.

Reasons to Believe: Why Video is a Must-Have for Digital Marketers

There’s hardly a shortage of “reasons to believe” in video content. According to HubSpot, more than half of marketers believe video to be one of the mediums with the highest ROI, while Cisco believes video content will account for more than 85% of U.S. web traffic by 2019.

There’s plenty of data to support this. Marketers who incorporate video grow revenue 49% faster on average, while consumers who engage with video content are 84% more likely to make a purchase. Across virtually every platform, it’s a catalyst for organic growth and engagement.

Still, many brands won’t realize the full potential of video due to high overhead and nearsighted strategy, so it’s important to spend and strategize wisely—and there’s a vast middle ground between high-dollar production and low-budget home video.

Helping Clients Own Their Vertical in Video Content

The most important aspect of video content is creating a compelling narrative to hook viewers. Consumers don’t have the attention spans to watch and recall long documentarian videos (nor do most brands have the latency to produce them), so it’s important to broadcast strategically.

Visual aesthetics aside, your videos must resonate with your audience emotionally and hold their attention. A key difference here is that videos don’t allow users to scroll down below the fold or navigate from page-to-page like other digital platforms, but they can concentrate and breathe life into stories in a way other mediums can’t.

Because we approach video as strategists and marketers, this makes it our job to present insights and concepts that define and package a brand’s story into tactical and digestible broadcasts tailored for the merits of each platform (e.g., social vs. landing pages, animation vs. aerial drones, etc.).

Yet technical execution is just as critical: both in production and post-launch support. Being cutting edge in video isn’t about budget and resolution anymore, but about being tech-savvy, responsive, and consistent. There’s more to video than just front-end audio-visual assets, so attending to the back-end is imperative as well—which includes everything from long-tail engagement strategy to optimizing uploads for each platform:

  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Descriptions
  • Featured Videos
  • Playlists
  • Thumbnail Art
  • Calls to Action
  • Social Integration
  • Analytics

This all goes for existing content as well. In concert with producing new videos, it’s important to elevate, repurpose, and promote existing content following the same concepts. The key is for every video to become more than the sum of its parts—a cog in the wheel of a broader marketing machine.

A Production Model That Pivots

That’s the model we’ve built at Authentic, leveraging a small, nimble team of experts to deliver video content from concept to post-launch-support—and without the slough of traditional complexities (location scouting, craft services, etc.).

We’re a full-service studio complete with storyboard artists, cinematographers, sound designers, and editors—but our service is specifically tailored for quick turnaround and consistent deployment in the digital realm.

As with all our core services, we brought video in-house so our clients don’t have to—and can instead focus on what they do best, which is probably far removed from lighting and production.

Ready to integrate digital video organically? Learn more about our in-house video services.