Capital One

Capital One Developer Marketing Campaign

Capital One Developer Marketing Campaign

Brainstorming Ways to Connect with Developers

Capital One asked us to handle the digital marketing for the launch of their new open API platform for developers, called Capital One DevExchange. The campaign kicked off at the 2016 SXSWi conference in Austin, and revolved around inviting developers to come brainstorm with Capital One.

The Challenge.

Attract hundreds of developers to explore and experience Capital One’s new open API platform and encourage as much feedback as possible, so DevExchange could be improved quickly. Capital One also wanted to show the world that their powerful APIs go beyond banking.

The Solution.

We dug deep on this one, sharing our creative team’s concepts with our own developers the whole way through to make sure our techspeak was on point. The awareness campaign launched with a hype video that announced to the world (launching at SXSWi) that Capital One is now offering open APIs that go beyond banking, and it all starts with a brainstorm. That video was repurposed for Twitter and other social media, and appears on the DevExchange website. Additionally we created DevExchange swag for SXSWi, tweets, emails (including nurture emails), PPC search engine marketing, paid media and the integrated digital marketing strategy consulting for the whole shebang.