MailChimp Hippo CMS Implementation

MailChimp Hippo CMS Implementation

About MailChimp

MailChimp represents one of the largest email marketing service providers in the world. Supporting the various needs of over 7 million users, MailChimp empowers individuals and organizations to deliver impactful email campaigns and newsletters to enhance the customer experience.

The Work

Authentic was engaged to support MailChimp in implementing the Hippo CMS across the enterprise. As part of the initiative, MailChimp was seeking to overcome the following challenges:

  • Existing knowledge base solution was cumbersome and disjointed
  • Inability to integrate with other systems, including the MailChimp application
  • Ineffective taxonomy management
  • Inability to deliver contextual/personalized content
  • Limited control of digital assets (including videos)

The Solution

To support the business objectives of MailChimp, Authentic designed and delivered a fully integrated solution, grounded in the Hippo CMS. The solution was designed to include just the right mix of out-of-box functionality and custom development work to deliver a system that advantageously positioned the organization. The solution encompassed:

  • Stable future-proof solution built on Hippo CMS
  • Pages/content optimized for personalization and relevancy
  • Infrastructure to scale in the cloud
  • Fully integrated with MailChimp application
  • Multilingual support and governance tooling
  • Custom development work necessary to implement predetermined content model