UNOS Recruitment Microsite and Paid Media

UNOS Recruitment Microsite and Paid Media

Superheroes, Saving Lives, and Recruitment

The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) has a system for connecting recipients with organs that has changed the industry and is helping save lives on an unprecedented level. That success created a growing need for top tech talent at UNOS, so they reached out to us.

The Challenge.

UNOS had to quickly fill 30 new tech positions. That’s a lot of new hires. But the problem was bigger than that. Their limited recruitment budget was competing head-to-head with the mega budgets of much larger corporations. UNOS needed an integrated recruitment campaign that outsmarted their goliath competitors. So Authentic gave them one—with a cape on it.

The Solution

Our research uncovered a chink in the armor of giant corporate recruitment. Techsperts felt it was very important to work for a company that really makes a difference in the world, and treats employees as a valuable resource. So we built everything from the ads to the landing page around the promise of a simple campaign strategy: Save people's lives at a workplace that values yours.

What did our strategic tactics include?

  • Speaking to techies in their own language, using the HTML tag for commenting: <!-- -->
  • Referencing comic book heroes that the target audience grew up admiring
  • Providing an uncommon level of transparency, revealing important details about each position early in the process
  • Making it meaningful with engaging video testimonials from real employees

The Results.

All 30 positions were filled, quickly. 1.9M impressions. 4.2% visit-to-referral conversion rate. 39% of IT applicants were attributed to campaign influence. recognized UNOS as an "Engaged Employer."