A Contributor-Friendly Single Page Application Solution

We’ve teamed up with our partner BloomReach and their leading Gartner Web Content Management System (BloomReach Experience), to empower contributors and marketers to build engaging experiences across every digital channel.


Fueled by the imminent industry shift to Single Page Applications (SPAs), Authentic's new product, editConnect, is designed to address the imperfections of traditional SPA solutions – helping organizations move their delivery model forward, at no cost to contributors. With advanced experience management features contributors know and love – including inline preview, personalization, and drag-and-drop content management – customers can now create world-class digital experiences directly within any SPA environment.

A Better Single Page Application Model

Manage Experiences in a SPA Environment

Retain All Contribution & Marketing Features

Agnostic & Portable Communication

The Best of Both Worlds

Though imperfect, SPA patterns have too much value to be ignored. By addressing the consistent contribution shortcomings of traditional SPA solutions, editConnect enables full experience management within any SPA architecture. Contributors are truly free to control the entire digital experience using the Web Content Management System – all while reaping the technical SPA solution benefits that IT organizations demand.

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BloomReach Experience
& the CXM Formula

To Marketers, “content” means more than just copy on a page. Creating impactful digital experiences that meet the expectations of consumers requires control over copy, as well as its placement and presentation. Built with a Gartner leading Web Content Management System (BloomReach Experience) in mind, editConnect is the realization of Authentic's desire to empower contributors, and remove technology as a complexity to marketing. To learn more about our partnership, click here.